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Eminem Production

People often are intersted in knowing who produced what in the world of hip hop. What many may not know, is over the span of Shady's career he has produced a large number of tracks for himself and many of the world's best rappers from 2pac to Xzibit. Here are a list of those songs which Eminem has produced or Co-produced over the years.

Note: No tracks produced for his released albums are shown here, check the discography section for information on who produced the album tracks.



Song Title Appears On
Beautiful Relapse
I Remember Shit On You Single
Bad Influence End Of Days Soundtrack
Lose Yourself 8 Mile Soundtrack
8 Mile 8 Mile Soundtrack
Rabbit Run 8 Mile Soundtrack
Love Me 8 Mile Soundtrack
Stimulate Cleanin Out My Closet Single
Go To Sleep Cradle to the Grave Soundtrack
Anger Management Anger Management Tour 3 Mixtape
Fubba U Cubba Cubba Anger Management Tour 3 Mixtape
When I'm Gone Curtain Call
The Sauce Invasion 1 Mixtape
Nail In The Coffin Invasion 1 Mixtape
Invasion Invasion 1 Mixtape
Bump Heads Invasion 2 Mixtape: The Conspiracy
Doe Ray Me Invasion 2 Mixtape: The Conspiracy
Keep Talkin' Invasion 2 Mixtape: The Conspiracy
Invasion 3 Freestyle Invasion 3 Mixtape
Everyone's looking at me


Song Title Appears On
Quitter Unknown
These Drugs Devils Night Bonus Disc
Words Are Weapons Devils Night Bonus Disc
Girls Bonus track on Devils Night

Obie Trice

Song Title Appears On
Rap Name The Bar Is Open
Average Man Cheers
Cheers Cheers
Got Some Teeth Cheers
Lady Cheers
Don't Come Down Cheers
Follow My Life Cheers
We All Die One Day Cheers
Hands On You Cheers
Hoodrats Cheers
Never Forget Ya Cheers
Outro Cheers
I'm Gone The Streetsweeper Volume 2
Emulate Anger Management Tour 3 Mixtape
Wake Up Second Rounds On Me
Violent Second Rounds On Me
Lay Down Second Rounds On Me
Ballad of Obie Trice Second Rounds On Me
Jamaican Girl Second Rounds On Me
Kill me a muthafucka Second Rounds On Me
Everywhere I go Second Rounds On Me

50 Cent

Song Title Appears On
Places To Go 8 Mile Soundtrack
Patiently Waiting Get Rich Or Die Tryin
Many Men Get Rich Or Die Tryin
Poor Lil Rich Get Rich Or Die Tryin
Don't Push Me Get Rich Or Die Tryin
Gatman and Robin The Massacre
I'm Supposed To Die Tonight The Massacre
My Toy Soldiers The Massacre

Lloyd Banks

Song Title Appears On
Warrios pt 2 The Hunger For More
On Fire The Hunger For More
Till The End The Hunger For More
Without My Glock The Hunger For More

King Gordy

Song Title Appears On
Nightmares The Entity
The Pain The Entity
When Darkness Falls The Entity
Pass Me The Lighter The Entity


Song Title Appears On
Ou, Ouuuuuuuuu Grown Man Shit Mixtape
Oil Can Harry Grown Man Shit Mixtape
Pray For Me Grown Man Shit Mixtape
Wots Up Grown Man Shit Mixtape


Song Title Appears On
Runnin ( Dying to Live ) Resurrection Soundtrack
Ghost Resurrection Soundtrack
One Day At A Time Resurrection Soundtrack
Entire Album: Loyal To The Game

Other Artists

Song Title Appears On
Xzibit - My Name
Hush - Hush Is Coming Bulletproof
Hush - Off To Tijuana Bulletproof
Nas - The Cross God's Son
Redman - I See Dead People
Boo Yaa Tribe - 911
Royce Da 59 - Life
Royce Da 59 - Rock City (Radio)
Young Zee - Yo
Jadakiss - Welcome to D-block
G-Unit - My Buddy Beg For Mercy
Bizarre - Rock Star Hanni Cap Circus
G-Unit - I'm So Hood Beg For Mercy
Strike - Pale Moonlight Freeworld LP
Strike - Karma Freeworld LP
Trick Trick - Welcome to Detroit City The People Vs
Trick Trick - No more to say The People Vs
Jay-Z - Moment Of Clarity The Black Album
Jay-Z - Renegade The Blueprint 2
Jay-Z - 8 Miles and Runnin' 8 Mile Soundtrack
Tony Yayo - Drama Setter Thoughts of a Predicate Felon
Tony Yayo - It Is What It Is Thoughts of a Predicate Felon
Tony Yayo - I'm High Thoughts of a Predicate Felon
Notorius B.I.G - It has been said
Branman - Shady Life
Sticky Fingaz - What If I Was White
Young Zee - We Just Came To Party
Game - We Ain't The Documentary
DJ Clue - What The Beat
Joe Beast - Gangsta
T.I - Touchdown T.I vs T.I.P


If any of the above information is incorrect or you have any additions to submit, please get in touch using the contact form. Tracks titles followed by a * are those in which Eminem has co-produced.