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Although owning since mid 2002, it had always been a personal site and it was only early September 2004 when I decided to make an Eminem fan site. Why did I decide on doing so? Well, the main reason for most of my sites have always been to primarily help with my coding learning and put skills to test, and as I'm a big Eminem fan, they go hand in hand and the result is this. Also, I had noticed rap sites tend to opt for a packed design, which is usually slow loading and apart from the odd news post, content is never updated. So here I try to take all this into account and produce a fast site, which is easy to use and provide lots of information in a site which is constantly updated. - My Blog on Software and Web Development, featuring articles and guides to inform and teach.

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Let me talk about myself in third person for a second: A lover of music, Tony was born and raised in the UK. Having dreams of becoming a magazine editor, he soon discovered computers and began a journey of many late nights and early hours learning everything to do with the electrical wonders. Soon delving into website production, he found his creative outlet and a reason to never leave the house. A fitness fanatic, Student with an adoration for chicken and guitar player with dreams of performing online to a chicken, while doing press-ups .. lets make it happen


If you like the site and think we deserve a pat on the back, feel free to attach it to an email and send to admin(@), removing the brackets from email address before sending. Failing that, spreading the word on the site, submitting pictures to the gallery or anything else you think would give me a smile.