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Eminem Release Dates

Here you will find out what albums, singles and other merchandise are soon to drop in stores from Eminem and Shady Records. There are also links to the Amazon product page which will contain reviews and other, more specific information.

Upcoming Releases

Nothing to report at the moment

Let us know if we are missing any upcoming Eminem release dates.

Previous Releases

Eminem - "Recovery" Order Now
Possibly the finest Eminem album. Take the sharp lyrics and delivery from Relapse, with an emotional burst of energy thrown in and you have one hell of a comeback. Years after being written off, this is the album to cement his place in history forever. 10/10
Eminem - "Relapse" Order Now
Years away from the game meant Eminem had to come back hard - this effort featuring almost entirely Dr Dre production is a sharp return to lyrical form. The album lacks personal tracks and emotion but it's a solid effort from a rapper who remains at the top. 7/10
Eminem - "Eminem Presents The Re-Up " Order Now
The 2002 momentum is back at the Shady Empire and this mixtape-turned-album release shows the hunger is back and hints at a 2007 takeover. Lyrical wizardry from Eminem who teams up with 50 Cent for a few tracks along with an impressive introduction to Bobby Creek and Cashis. 9/10
Obie Trice - "Second Rounds On Me" Order Now
A real hot second release from the Detroit repping rapper. Flow, lyrics and production has stepped up for this second offering with an album reflecting Obie's maturity with half the Eminem produced by Eminem and features few tracks with Obie rapping double time. 8/10
Eminem - "Curtain Call" Order Now
5 years of singles from Eminem on CD result in an amazing collection of the most popular hits from Eminem. Little new here but with the amazing single 'When I'm Gone' and the classics that appear on 'Stans Mixtape' ( deluxe edition only ), this is a must have album for any fan of music. 10/10
50 Cent - "Get Rich Or Die Tryin Sountrack" Order Now
A very heavily G-Unit domination album but 50 writes in the character of the movie, spitting rhymes which take us back to the 'power of the dollar' atmosphere. 7/10
Tony Yayo - "Thoughts Of A Precicate Felon" Order Now
Although Tony Yayo is lacking in flow and in his creativity, following the typical G-Unit type subjects, the beats make up for it and although far from a classic, a decent album. 6/10
50 Cent - "The Massacre Special Edition" Order Now
Does not match expectations after the classic 'Get Rich Or Die Tryin' but has amazing production and love him or not, 50 makes hot songs and this CD has plenty. 8/10