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Without Me Video and CD Single Information

Song Information

Nocd Video Director: Joseph Khan
Video Producer: SuperMega
Song Producer: Eminem
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1. Without Me
The explicit version of the track taken straight from the third major Eminem release – The Eminem Show.

2. The Way I am [ Danny Lohner Remix ]
A heavy rock type remix featuring Marilyn Manson doing the chorus of the great song which originally appeared on the Marshall Mathers LP.

3. Without Me [ Instrumental ]
The non vocal version of the single.

4. Without Me [ Acapella ]
Vocal only version of track

5. Say What You Say [ Album Version ]
Featuring Dr Dre, is the track which first appeared on the Eminem show, with classic mic swapping between the two artist.

Did you know: In “Without Me”, the name of the blow-up doll is Beth.


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