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White America Video and CD Single Information

Song Information

Nocd Video Director: GNN
Video Producer: GNN
Song Producer: Eminem
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Although not officially released, this controversial song had a flash video made of it. A deal between the Guerrilla News Network and Interscope resulted in a video which caused a lot of reactions, especially from parents of the columbine victims. An past incident in which a man named Child mason let fire in a school, killing children .. it’s obvious to see why even a subliminal reference to this case was bound to be picked up on.

The concept was to “place the viewer in the body of Eminem as he moves through the media-drenched environment that is the subject for his critique of American society.” A move to appeal to a more varied audience and effectively not have emphasis on the stardom of Eminem.

First shown online at, it quickly made CNN news as although parents of the victims did not wan’t to boost eminems sales, they did want thier voice heard. Artwork for this video was created by Anson Vogt and his team, with chorus segmants by Haik Hosington.


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