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The Way I Am Video and CD Single Information

Song Information

Nocd Video Director: Paul Hunter
Video Producer: Nina Huang
Song Producer: Eminem
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1. The Way I am
Album version of the single.

2. Kids
Came as a bonus track on the UK version of the Marshall Mathers LP.

3. 97’ Bonnie and Clyde
Taken from the Slim Shady LP, this controverial track features the voice of his daughter hailie, going down to the seaside with his wife in the trunk.

4. Steve Berman
Skit taking from the Marshall Mathers LP in which Eminem gets a word or two of what Stever thinks of the Album …

5. The Way I Am (Video)
Enhanced CD which has the video of the single.

Did you know: In “The Way I Am” video, Proof is in the scene when EM is doing a radio interview and flips the DJ off.


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