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Superman Video and CD Single Information

Song Information

Nocd Video Director:
Video Producer:
Song Producer: Eminem
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Superman appears on the Eminem Show, the third album by Eminem since signing to Aftermath. The video was made, and although being mentioned by Eminem a single to be released, I can’t find any records of it in the charts, cd cover .. or even a release date, if it was released at all. One thing for sure though is that the video came on the 8 Mile dvd as an extra.

Here’s what Eminem has said about the song:

“We’re still going through the concept a little bit, but basically it’s the whole what a chick wants me to be to her and what I can be,” Eminem explained. “It’s her vision of me and me being a perfect gentleman and this and that. And what I can be to her, because I know what she is and I know why she’s with me.”

Eminem, spoke to MTV and talked about 8 Mile and hinted that his next single would be, Superman. "I don’t know what my next big single’s going to be, but the next single is gonna be “Superman.” Hopefully it will be a big single."

Did you know:The “Superman” video was filmed at the Standard Hotel in Los Angeles, CA.


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