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Mosh Video and CD Single Information

Song Information

Nocd Video Director: GNN
Video Producer: GNN
Song Producer: Eminem
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The video was made by GNN, same team that produced the video for ‘White America’. A hard hitting track, with a gloomy marching beat by Dr Dre. The video was released to shed some light on Eminem’s political feelings, which clearly is negative, literally stating bush should be “strapped with an AK 47 let him go, fight his own war, let him impress daddy that way”.

Here’s production credits:

Track: Eminem, Mosh from the album Encore

Producer, Director, Editor: Ian Inaba

Art Director, 3-D Animation: Anson Vogt of Phong

Character Animation: Haik Hoisington of Black Mustache

Motion Graphics: Steve Ogden

Illustration, Animation: Craig Patches

Eminem Animation: Kevin Elam

After Effector: Mark Nicola

Green Screen Producer, Cameraman: John Quigly

Illustration Design: Thomas Brohdal

Illustration Support: Nicholas Sanchez


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