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Cleaning Out My Closet Video and CD Single Information

Song Information

Nocd Video Director: Philip Atwell and Dr Dre
Video Producer: Geronimo
Song Producer: Eminem
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1. Cleaning Out My Closet
Album version taken from the Eminem show.

2. Stimulate
A track which supposedly never made the cut for The Eminem Show. A track discussing how the line between entertainment and reality get blurred.

3. Cleaning Out My Closet Instrumental
Non vocal version of the track taken from The Eminem Show.

4. Cleaning Out My Closet Video
Video of the single playable from the Enhanced CD

Did you know? There are 2 different versions of a scene in “Cleanin Out My Closet”. When EM’s mom throws a glass at the TV, EM is accepting a VMA award, but on BET, it has him accepting a Grammy.


Cleaningoutmycloset1 Cleaningoutmycloset2 Cleaningoutmycloset3