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Trick Trick - Who Want It

Produced by Eminem

Who Want It Lyrics

[ Verse 2 ] [ Eminem ]

Ooh wow, look at the bitches up in this club
Man I’m gettin me some digits fo’ I leave up out this mug
And it’s like ohh pal, wam, bam, thank you ma’am
I ain’t kissin you on the lips, but I’ll be glad to shake your hand
Now lets get Blew out, lets start some shit tonight
Just let me pick the chick that I’ma leave here with tonight
Before we get the fighting, and Throughout
This music makes me rally, how they gonna play that new trick trick
And expect no-one to get their shit spit
It’s just too wild, and one more shot of hypnotic
And I am not in control of my body, I go robotic and blow a fuse out
Homies is like you’re startin to static
And I’m nah that’s just my swagger but I’m dancing with this fat girl
And gettin Loose now, I don’t wanna fight, I feel like partying
Till’ this idiot dumps his bacardi on my cardigan and knocks my screws out
It never fails, I’m know I’m going to jail
I might as well take the laces out my shoes now

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