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Eminem - What If I Was White

Produced by Unknown

What If I Was White Lyrics

[ Intro ]

Yo I got an idea
Let me go grab Sticky right quick
Hey yo Stick, Stick

Yo Slim Shady
Yo I just had like a nightmah..
Wait it wasn’t like a nightmare
It was like a good dreah..
Well it wasn’t a good.. (What was it?)
Hey yo I just had a crazy dream man (What?)
Yo, yo I dreamt I was white! (Ohhh)

[ Chorus ] [ Eminem ]

[ Verse 1 ] [ Sticky Fingaz ]

What if I was white skin the same color as cocaine?
Blond hair, blue eyes, the whole shibang
I know one thing; police wouldn’t always be watching me
Pull me over for nothing, constantly jockin me
(Can I get your autograph?)
The yellow cabs in the city would stop for me
I wouldn’t need collateral to buy property
If I was white, wouldn’t matter if I was rich or poor
SECURITY wouldn’t follow me around the store
Like I’d steal something (Maybe he might of stole something)
Because I’m black I rob and automatically assume I ain’t got no job
On my own land I feel like an immigrant
If I was white I wouldn’t of thought O.J. was innocent (He did it)

[ Chorus ] [ Eminem ]

[ Verse 2 ] [ Sticky Fingaz ]

If I was white
It would be a different world for me
If I was white (ummmmmmmm?) What shade would I be?
Would I be Redneck or Skinhead, preppy or high class?
You probably live in a trailerpark and be white trash
In any case that be the ill shit right? (Yep)
But there’s a good and bad side of being white
You can’t say the N word without startin a fight (What’s up my nigger?)
Couldn’t dance to a beat, I’d have two left feet
Even if I was white plaque still have a ghetto shit (How you doing?)
Is it a myth or do I really have a little dick (Nah, it’s true!)
If I was white, I would probably listen to hard rock
and cover my ears when ever I heard Hip Hop (Ahhhhhhhhhhhh)

[ Chorus ] [ Eminem ]

[ Verse 3 ] [ Sticky Fingaz ]

If I was white I probably wouldn’t even think the same
I’d watch Tennis and Golf and bet on Hockey games (Red Wings Man)
Wear suit and ties and go to work everyday
If I was white
I couldn’t live around my way
And there probably would of never even been an Onyx, shit
I be serice sippin vodka and tonix
Smokin on a marlboro instead of a Newport
Id live in Long Island instead of New York
If I was white, I probably couldn’t dunk
cuz everybody knows white man can’t jump (Nope!)
And probably wouldn’t be able to go to the weed spot
Cuz all of the dreads would think I’m a cop

[ Chorus ] [ Eminem ]

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