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Eminem - Anger Management 3 Freestyle

Track 2 on Get Rich Or Die Tryin
Produced by Eminem

Anger Management 3 Freestyle Lyrics

[ Intro ]

Aight lets go

Yeah! Welcome to the official Shade 45 Anger Management 3 exclusive mixtape. Brought to you by none other than the motherfucking notorious infamous DJ Clinton Sparks. Wooo!

[ Verse 1 ]

Once again it?s the kid yeah eat a dick up
Pick up the nuts boy, lick up till you hiccup
Sick muhfucker yeah since sick Mark gets to stick up
His middle finger and go chick-a-chick-a-chick-a
Hi my name is chick-a-chick-a-chick-a
Till the shit was stuck in your head so much you was sick
And my chicks love em they all say fuck a bitch
They adored him, so we did the shit more
Choke a slut smack a bitched whore
Beat a bitch up now look at these kids they eat the shit up
And this was back before I even knew what this shit was
It?s affecting what it does, parents become picketers
Meanwhile ticket sales have just sky-rocketed up
So shit fuck shit fuck shit fuck fuck you suck a dick slut
But I got to go, it?s time for me to go and pick up
Jessica, it?s official I just broke her and Nick up

[ Outro ]

Ha haha ha, now, if you leave the show and you don?t have one of these CDs, then you did not officially experience the entire show. Once again, 50 cent, G Unit, Nate Dogg, Alchemist, and a special thanks to Lil John. We can?t forget Dr Dre. D Twizzy, O Trice, Stat Quo, and on behalf of myself, I wanna thank yall for coming out. Hope you enjoy the show.

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