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D12 - Good Die Young

Track 20 on D12 World
Produced by Eminem

Good Die Young Lyrics

[ Intro ]

Dawg….I shouldn’t have left, They wouldn’t have tried this shit if I was wit ya
Maybe we would have picked another time
Or chose anotha way
Or maybe my prayers would have convinced him to choose another soul
Shit, it’s just me, mum and Tony now
Man you look so peaceful right now… how can I argue wit that
They say…

[ Chorus ]

They say the good die young,
Thats why I think that you should have fun (when your young)
Cos time won’t wait for noone (uh huh)
When god calls, you gotta go home (go home)

They say the good die young, (die young)
Thats why I know that we go’ have fun,
In this life cos you only get one
When God calls for me, don’t cry till I just went home

[ Verse 1 ] [ Kon Artis ]

It’s true that everybody heard, there mama say every days like this
When you see, one of your friends die in the mist
In the struggle, went through circumstances
Arrested every day just to prove a point to a friend
Even then, accidents are prone to happen to any man
A woman is dumb enough to pretend
That her, god won’t hold them accountable for sins
If they commit, they try to repent to ??
But I guess (thats just the way things go)
I was blessed to see 24 (24)
To wake up to that “Hi, my name is” video
Motivated me to write what i wrote
And I knew my little brother sold dope
An mom and daddy want to move our road
I did it, I still got a lot to prove and show
I just which we aint have to lose Bugz to the struggle
Cos you know…

[ Chorus ]

[ Verse 2 ] [ Bizzare ]

I know you used to Bizzare on some silly shit
But Niggas in my cliq, is dying quick
In detroit, niggas don’t party
They pull a .44 out, snatch off bacardis
Thats why I keep the pistol under the trunk
Im 27 years old, too old to be gettin jumped
And fuck rap, I miss Karnail Pitts, b-u-g-z
Tattoed on my wrist
Me and you in the jeep, listen to swing beats
It’s a shame me and Fuzz don’t even speak
I got married, my wife name is D
Peace to 31 and 51-50, miss you

[ Verse 3 ] [ Kuniva ]

I came back on that tragic, my phone rung
And Bizarres voice tellin me, Bugz was gone home
It was like a knife piercing my chest and I couldn’t breath
I didn’t wanna accept it, didn’t wanna believe it
I swear with this weight dawg, I cried so hard
Literally, Denaun had to carry me to the car
While I stand in this booth now it’s tearin me apart
But I had to let it out cos it was tearin at my heart
Cos he died over somethin so petty and so small
A human life is so very precious I hope ya’ll
Understand how I’m feelin cos I love you bugz
I wanna rhyme wit you, laugh wit you, hug you bugz
But I can’t and you was so close to seein dreams
A coward came along and took you away from the team
So don’t mistake this track, it’s just another song
This goes out to everyone who lost a loved one
Cos you know

[ Chorus ]

[ Verse 4 ] [ Proof ]

They say it’s never too late, to have an early childhood
If I could, turn back the hands of time, God should
Forgive what i did as a kid to run blocks
Now my dreams are just dream cops and gun shots
The fun stops when your homies up in a box
My dudey bole, rest his soul, snuffed by the cops
I use to ?? a lot, if theres a guy by me say somethin
If you love her so much why didn’t u gave nothin
When he took my homie, snuck was only in 11th grade
Now I hope to see your face at the heaven gates
It aint never late in the game, this hatin remains
With a grudge to see slugs straight through my frame
My heart aches with the pain, the life in his breath
We gotta have fun now, theres only minutes left
In the depth, distress young as a ??? did
To ??

[ Chorus ]

[ Verse 5 ] [ Swifty ]

When I was younger I knew four brothers that wasn’t wise
That crash and the driver died,
My partner on the passenger side was paralysed
And Im surprised by the look of that ride that the other peeps survived
Nine months later another one died
Somebody shot him in the side when he was startin up his ride
3 years go by, I made a hell of a run
And thats when funky got done, a joey playin wit guns
And tookie over funds, karty was my man
And reggy, I wish that I was wit you in that van
And Bugz if it wasn’t for you
You know I wouldn’t be standin in this booth,
Thats the truth, I miss ya’ll…

[ Chorus ] x2

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