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The Slim Shady LP


Available lyrics for The Slim Shady LP

Song Title Produced By
1 Public Service Announcement Eminem
2 My Name Is Dr Dre
3 Guilty Conscience Dr Dre
4 Brain Damage Eminem
5 Paul Eminem
6 If I Had DJ Spinna
7 97 Bonnie and Clyde DJ Spinna
8 Bitch Eminem
9 Role Model Eminem
10 Lounge Eminem
11 My Fault Unknown
12 Ken Kaniff Eminem
13 Cum On Everybody Eminem
14 Rock Bottom DJ Spinna
15 Just Dont Give A Fuck Unknown
16 Soap Eminem
17 As The World Turns Eminem
18 Im Shady DJ Spinna
19 Bad Meets Evil Eminem
20 Still Dont Give A Fuck Eminem

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