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The Marshall Mathers LP


Available lyrics for The Marshall Mathers LP

Song Title Produced By
1 Public Service Announcement 2000 Eminem
2 Kill You Dr Dre
3 Stan Unknown
4 Paul Eminem
5 Who Knew Dr Dre
6 Steve Berman Eminem
7 The Way I Am Eminem
8 The Real Slim Shady Dr Dre
9 Remember Me D12
10 Im Back Dr Dre
11 Marshall Mathers Unknown
12 Ken Kaniff Eminem
13 Drug Ballad DJ Spinna
14 Amityville Dr Dre
15 Bitch Please 2 Dr Dre
16 Kim Eminem
17 Under The Influence Dr Dre
18 Criminal Dr Dre
19 Kids Eminem

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